Solutions Architecture

You’ve been given a long list of requirements and a vague idea of what the finished product should look like… now you need a way to break it down so your team can build it with ease and accuracy. That’s where I come in.

For new projects, I will…

Create a high-level outline for the system architecture and each individual component based on the agreed-upon requirements

Set up the initial customised “development starter kit” including the dev environment, folder structure and technology needed to kick-off development

Create a roadmap of required functionalities and support the team during the story and ticket creation process by providing estimates

Meet with stakeholders and team leaders to identify the specific product requirements

For existing projects, I will…

Run a thorough architectural review of your build to assess the health of your project and flag any potential issues (hopefully) before it’s too late

Provide a written assessment on my findings, making any suggestions about what I think you could improve and why

Meet with key team members to discuss my findings and break them down in more detail as well as suggesting next steps

Meet with stakeholders and team leaders to discuss the state of the project and any potential roadblocks

For both new and existing projects, I can also...

Run ad-hoc code-reviews when required to ensure project is on track and spot any code issues early on

Define engineering patterns for the team to guide them through execution

Create unified development standards in the company

Control the architecture during the next iteration of the system release

Attend a weekly meeting with your team to discuss progress and potential obstacles

Provide a direct line of communication (via Slack or equivalent) to your lead developer to answer questions, provide guidance and code snippets etc

Need a solutions architect who gets it done right the first time?