Hi, I'm Davide

Technical Lead, JavaScript Consultant & professional problem solver

My background

Of my 17 years’ commercial industry experience, I’ve spent the last 7 of them providing Technical Leadership and Software Engineering for cutting edge organisations like Avanade and Accenture. My expertise has been used to help produce products for Vanguard, Tennis Australia, Football Federation Australia, Telstra, Coles and the Victorian Government.

In case you’re wondering what I was doing for the other 10 years, I began my career as a designer and illustrator which quickly led to web development and naturally evolved to software engineering and solutions architecture. This diversified experience means I have the unique ability to provide big picture guidance along with a deep understanding of the finer details of your project.

I take my work seriously and myself lightly, known for my sense of humour and my ability to bring the best out in my team. Every project I work on I treat as if it were my own, and I won’t rest ‘til I find the ideal solution. Most importantly, I’m of the belief that every person (and role) on the project has equal importance and therefore is deserving of equal respect.

As a proud Italo-Australian with dual citizenship, I speak English and Italian at a native level (plus some Spanish). And while I work remotely most of the time, based between Australia and Italy, I love an excuse to travel and will consider it for the right project… or if there’s decent pizza involved.

My process

Having been involved in every aspect of the process on projects of all budgets and sizes – app store debuts to iterating apps with millions of users – across a range of industries from finance and sport to health and lifestyle, I’ve seen firsthand what can make or break a project.

From my experience, a successful project is one that embraces simplicity, scalability and sustainability. And in order to achieve this, no element of your project can exist in a silo – which is why my approach involves looking at these 3 pillars to ensure they’re all performing optimally and working together synergistically.


Making sure your team is resourced with the best-fit talent for your goals. Identifying skills, knowledge, communication and motivation gaps along with any other potential blockers for the team members on existing projects.


Reviewing the quality of the code, assessing its reusability & scalability, and identifying potential red flags that could cost the project in the long run. Assessing the technologies being used are fit for purpose and reliably support the future growth of the solution.


Understanding exactly what you’re trying to achieve, the resources you have available, and developing new (or revising existing) strategies, architecture, and roadmaps, along with assembling technology stacks that align with your vision and goals.

My project philosophy

I believe the design and development teams should be working together from the UX stage in order to create a seamless product design that provides unmatched user experience.

After years of cleaning up code that’s full of cut corners and loose ends, I know that in the long run, it’s costly. I believe in doing it right the first time so your product looks as good under the hood as its pixel perfect UI.

I love staying on top of the latest technology and experimenting with it to see its potential and understand where we’re headed. That said, I will only ever use the latest stable version for your live product in order to give all the benefits of cutting edge technology without the downfalls. 

Ignoring best practice might seem like it could save time now, but I’ve seen it cost time, money and migraines in the future… over and over again. So as much as I love being an innovative thinker, I will always be a stickler for the rules.

Core areas of expertise

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