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Expert guidance to bring your digital solution to life without expensive mistakes and avoidable delays.

How I can help

I work with fast-growing digital agencies, scalable startups and large enterprises who share one common goal: to produce cutting edge solutions that secure their position as industry leaders. My role? To ensure the process is delivered efficiently, effectively and elegantly – maximising ROI while minimising wasted time, money and energy.

Kicking off a new project and want to make sure every resource is utilised properly, every cent invested wisely and every technology is chosen strategically? I offer  solution architecture, roadmapping, resourcing support and technical consulting to set you up for success, as well as the option to provide ongoing leadership if you’re lacking in-house support with the seniority you require.

Trying to establish a new in-house team for your digital agency or organisation, resource a new project, or optimise your existing team? I’m here to provide any combination of strategy, hands-on support during the hiring and onboarding process, skills assessment, team development and mentoring to ensure you have the right resources & they’re being utilised effectively.

Have an established app or long-running project that’s doing “ok” but not performing as well as it should – or bringing the ROI you’d hoped for? I can come in to spot opportunities and provide implementation roadmaps on how to increase its performance, decrease the ongoing costs to maintain it, and introduce new (or more effective) ways to monetise it to increase profitability.

If your current project is at risk of flat-lining and you’re not sure why (or how to save it), you can tap me in to figure it out. I’ll be assessing the technology, the team, the code and the strategy behind it so I can provide a clear diagnosis along with at least one potential solution to get you back on track with the least amount of damage.

Not sure exactly what you need? I also offer a one-time call where I’ll provide you with personalised and immediately actionable advice based on my years of experience helping build JavaScript solutions for some of Australia’s best organisations.

Hi, I'm Davide

Of my 17 years’ commercial industry experience, I’ve spent the last 7 of them providing Technical Leadership and Software Engineering for cutting edge organisations like Avanade and Accenture. My expertise has been used to help produce products for Vanguard, Tennis Australia, Football Federation Australia, Telstra, Coles and the Victorian Government.
My independent consulting services mean my unique background, skill set and perspective can be leveraged to provide personalised support that solves your organisation’s challenge quickly and efficiently. I believe in lean teams, clean code and out-of-the-box thinking. I don’t do band aid fixes (unless asked) – because I’m invested in your long-term success.

Hit a roadblock with your project and need to figure out a solution?

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