Hi, I'm Davide

Solutions Architect, JavaScript Consultant & professional problem solver

How I can help

Whether you’re starting a new project and don’t know where to begin or you’re midway through a project and hitting a wall, I can provide you with expert recommendations based on industry leading standards, laying out my recommendations on how to best utilise technology and your team in order to achieve your goals.

Prevention is always better than a cure which is why a code assessment can be crucial to spot any potential issues early on and then nip them in the bud with a detailed report of suggestions and actionable advice provided within 1 business day.

While you might not need anything in particular, it can be nice to know you have someone on call who can help with anything you need, whether it’s trouble-shooting, writing some code, mentoring your team or even jumping in on presentations to help break down the jargon and ensure smooth communication with your client.

If your team is missing a lead developer or tech lead, or you want to add someone with more experience to the mix, I can get involved both short term or for the duration of a project. This means not only getting an extra set of hands, but additional perspective, energy and innovation to help get it across the finish line.

About me

As well as being a Solutions Architect, I’m also a full-stack JavaScript engineer with an agency background. I’ve been leading local and geographically distributed teams for over 6 years, working on projects for Football Federation Australia, Health.com.au, Vanguard and The ‘drobe.

I got my start as a designer 15 years ago and despite being 100% in the code these days, am able to use my design and UX/UI background to ensure the development integrates the design seamlessly as well as flagging any potential issues early on.

I split my time between Australia and Italy and while I prefer to work remotely for optimal time efficiency, whether I’m onsite or working as a remote team member it’s always a focus of mine to ensure that I fully immerse myself in the culture of the teams I’m working with.

Hit a roadblock with your project and need to figure out a solution?

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