JavaScript Development

A clear roadmap is well and good, but sometimes you also need a driver. If you don’t have the in-house capability or need someone with experience to lead them in your JavaScript solution, I’m here to help.

You've got the specs, now let's build it.

Whether you’re an agency building something for your client or a company building something in-house, I’m happy to fit in with just about any team structure. For the past 10 years I’ve worked with in-house and offshore teams of all sizes, often as team lead and as the “face” of the dev team when it comes to client meetings and showcases. I’ve also built entire solutions on my own and with skeleton teams so am used to adapting and making things work.

Having worked with developers all over world with varying experience levels, I’ve been lucky enough to act as mentor to some of them and always value education and growth when approaching my own team leadership. That said, I’m always open to receiving feedback with humility and putting the team’s needs before my own.

As far as project managements goes, I have typically used Agile methodology, utilising JIRA for feature tracking. And while I’m not a Scrum Master, I’ve worked with enough of them over the years to understand the importance of a project managed by the book.

As a JavaScript specialist I tend to focus on React, React Native and Node.js (in case you’re interested, MERN is my go-to stack). Below is a quick snapshot of my service offering as a developer. If you’d like more information, be sure to get in touch with me and I’m happy to chat.

Front End development

It’s (unfortunately) all too common for all that work of the design team to get lost in translation. Thanks to my background as a designer, I understand the importance of coding pixel-perfect work to spec, from individual components through to the full layout and all of those smooth transitions and animations.

Most importantly, my final product always incorporates WCAG and accessibility standards for web projects as well as mobile applications.

I work with React for websites and web applications and React Native for mobile applications… and I won’t bore you by listing the countless libraries that bring a project to life!

Back End development

These days, JavaScript has matured into a reliable programming language that can function as a self-sufficient back-end technology.

In a lot of my projects I found myself needing to supercharge the front-end by adding a back-end to the mix. Sometimes it might be a simple function and other times, an entire micro service.

I can help with refactoring, testing, scaling & improving security in Node.js applications as well as third party integrations (as everyone has a Node.js SDK), the creation of REST APIs and/or GraphQL services and Dockerisation of current services.

Full Stack development

If you’ve ever wondered what the “point” of a full stack developer is when you could just hire a FE and a BE, let’s clear this up.

As a FSD I understand how all the pieces make a whole, making it easier (and quicker) for me to come up with solutions based on the desired outcomes.

From the animation of an element through to the understanding the best data structure to use for a particular circumstance, I can bring my own perspective on product design and architecture that ensure a successful outcome. 

Need an experienced developer with just the right amount of OCD?